Research Cell: An International Journal Of Engineering Sciences
December 2014, Volume 11

Title Page
Table of Contents
1 Analysis of Authentication Protocols in Mobile IP
Lalit Kumar
2 A survey on the routing protocols in VANET
Sanjay Bhatnagar
3 Cutting back the Wormhole Attack in Mobile Network: A Survey
Ramandeep kaur , Anita , Abhilasha

Network Security: Present and Future Trends

Anand Chopra, Jaswinder Singh Walia , Lalit Kumar

5 Juxtaposition Between Cloud Computing And Grid Computing
Gurpreet Kaur Sanjay Bhatnagar,Deepali
6 A survey on travelling salesman problem (TSP) to improve the distance between cities by using Ant colony algorithm
Nancy Goyal,Paramjeet Singh
7 Performances Analysis of Coverage Problem in Wireless Sensor Network by using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Deployment Strategy
Shagufi Singla, Paramjeet Singh
8 Optimization Of Speed Protocol Using Genetic Algorithm In Wireless Sensor Network
Gaganpreet Kaur,Abhilasha
9 Novel Technique of Extraction of Principal Situational Factors for NSSA
Pardeep Bhandari
10 Tracking Of Hand Movements In Gesture Recognition-A Review On Techniques And Approaches
Prerna Gupta,Garima Joshi
11 Optimization of Wireless Sensor Network Using PSO Algorithm
Shubhdeep Kaur,Jagmeet Singh
Davinderpreet Kaur,Brahmaleen Kaur
13 Review On Various LEACH Variants
Rupendra Ralhan,Sandeep Singh Waraich
14 Performance Optimization in Geographical Based Routing Protocol in MANETS
Vikas Goyal,Shaveta Rani,Paramjit Singh
15 Analyzing Load and Delay in Wireless LAN using TTL and Fragmentation
Jashanpreet Kaur, Vaneet Mohan,Namisha Modi
16 Survey of various Active Attacks in MANETS
Meena Bharti,Shaveta Rani,Paramjeet Singh
17 LEACH Hierarchical Protocol Based on ACO and BCO
Rishu Singla, Dinesh Kumar
18 Optimized Packet Filtering Honeypot with Intrusion Detection System for WLAN
Amandeep Singh , Pankush Singla, Navdeep Kaur Khiva
19 Review of WiMax Services & Security Threats
Vidhu Kiran Sharma
20 Virtual Energy Based Encryption Keying framework for WSN: A Survey
Sukhjinder Kaur, Abhilasha
21 Review of Privacy Preserving Architectures in Cloud Computing
Navdeep Kaur Khiva,Amandeep singh,Pankush singla
22 Comprehensive Study and Review Various Routing Protocols in MANET
Prabhjot Kaur, Preet Bala Shaveta Rani, Paramjeet Singh
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