Research Cell: An International Journal Of Engineering Sciences
December 2014, Volume 12

Title Page
Table of Contents
1 A Multimodal Medical Image Fusion Using a Hybrid Technique Based On Wavelets
Renuka Dhawan, Naresh Kumar Garg
2 SD-CAPTCHA: An Alternate to Authentication System
Sumeet Kaur, Puneet Kumar Bansal
3 A Novel Technique For Image Enhancement and Denoising With Wavelets
Shivani Jain, Jyoti Rani,Lalit Kumar

Comparison Of CBIR Using Texture Feature And Histogram Technique

Mehak Garg, Jyoti Rani, Lalit Kumar

5 Improvement In Image Enhancement Using Recursive Adaptive Gamma
Gurpreet Singh , Jyoti Rani
6 A Review On Image Cryptography
Sukhpreet Singh, Sandeep Kaur, Pankush Singla
7 A Survey On Image Forgery Detection Techniques
Vandana Sawan, Madan Lal
8 Literature Survey On Image Fusion Techniques
Sehasnainjot Singh
9 3-D Tumor Detection From Kidneys Using Ultrasound Images
Rubbal Birdi, Jyoti Gill
10 Copy Paste Detection From The Color Images Using Dwt
Jasdeep Kaur, Jyoti Gill
11 A Detailed Study On Face Recognition Techniques
AtinderpalSingh, Navmeet Kaur, Jasmeet Kaur
12 A Review On Various Lossless Text Data Compression Techniques
Neha Sharma,Jasmeet Kaur, Navmeet Kaur
13 Review: A Literature Survey On Different Image Zooming Techniques
Retu Diwan, Namisha Modi
14 Digital Watermarking
Jyoti, Jyoti Rani
15 Review: Palm Recognition Techniques
Nancy, Abhilasha Jain
16 Comparative Analysis Of CAPTCHA Based Techniques : A Review
Jaswinder Kaur, Lal Chand Panwar
17 Audio Noise Reduction Using Wavelet Types With Thresholding Techniques
Manjeet Singh, Naresh Kumar Garg
18 Survey on Non Linear Noise Removal Techniques for Salt and Pepper Noise in Digital Images
Jitender Kumar, Abhilasha
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