Research Cell: An International Journal Of Engineering Science, Volume 2
July 2011

1. Analysis of Advanced Grid Resource Management Models
Navjeet Kaur, Harpal Kaur, Satinder Pal Ahuja
2. Generating Molecular Database using BioComputing Approach
Gagandeep Kaur Grewal, Amardeep Chopra
3. Technology for people, who are in real need of it
Er. Harpreet Singh Dalla, Mr. Gurvinder Singh, Er. Harpreet Kaur
4. Information Systems in Engineering Colleges of Punjab-Design, Implementation and Challenges
Himanshu Aggarwal, Bikram Pal Kaur
5. Analysis of Object Oriented Design Quality >Metrics
Raman Maini, Suruchi Mehra
Networks on Road- Challenges in Securing Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
Ramesh Kait, R.K.Chauhan
7. Burst contention resolving mechanisms for Optical Burst Switching
Hardeep Singh Saini, Jai Prakash, Amit Watson, Dinesh Arora
8. Comparison between Naïve Encryption & Pixel correlation method for optimizing the performance of Image Encryption by digital watermarking
Megha Jyoti, Varinder Singh
9. Implementation of CATV network using different Dispersion compensating Techniques
Gurpreet Kaur
10. Plagiarism and Detection Tools : An overview
Urvashi Garg
11. POS Tagging of Punjabi Language Using Hidden Markov Model
Sapna Kanwar, Ravishakar, Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
12. To Find the POS Tag of Unknown Words in Punjabi Language
Blossom Manchanda, Ravishanker, Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
13.Extending Aspects Support in .NET Framework
Satyender S. Duhan
14. Experimental Investigation of Process Parameters in drilling operation using different software techniques
Anil Jindal, V.K.Singla
15. Anomaly network traffic detection using entropy calculation ans Support Vector machine
Basant Aggarwal
16. Current Research Trends on Wire Electrodes for Wire Electrical Discharge Machining
Jatinder Kapoor, Sehijpal Singh, Jaimal Khamba
17. BMP to JPEG – the conversion Process
Anjali Anand, Himanshu Aggarwal
18. Wireless Body Area Network & Its Application
Rupinder Kaur
19. Performance Comparisons Using Routing Protocols with OPNET Simulator in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Satish Mittal, G.N.Singh
20. Natural Language Engineering : The Study of Word Sense Disambiguation in Punjabi
Rakesh Kumar, Ravinder Khanna
21. TCP in Conflict Based Wireless Links
Gagandeep Singh Brar, G.N.Singh, Anupam Bhatia
22. Some Studies of Expectation Maximization Clustering Algorithm to Enhance Preformance
D.J.Nagendra Kumar, J.V.R.Murthy
23. What Makes or Mars a Knowledge Based Software Process Improvement Initiative? - Prescriptions from the field
Neeraj Sharma, Kawaljeet Singh, D.P. Goyal
24. Constructing a constrained C1 continuous planar interpolated spline curve
Vinod Kumar, Maheshanand, Tushar Patnaik
25. Fuzzy Model for Optimizing Strategic Decisions using Matlab
Amandeep Kaur, Vinay Chopra
26. Fuzzy Logic based framework for Software Development Effort Estimation
Sandeep Kad, Vinay Chopra
27. Neuro Fuzzy Logic Model For Component Based Software Engineering
Harpreet Singh, Vishal Kumar Toor