Research Cell: An International Journal Of Engineering Science, Volume 6
July 2012

Title Page
Table of Contents
1. Novel Approach for Nano-Bio Sensor Modelling for Automated Disease Detection
Vipeesh. p, Dr.N.J.R.Muniraj
2. A Comprehensive Review on Secure Image Steganography
Kritika Singla, Sumeet Kaur
3. A Generic Framework of Computer Adaptive Testing Mechanism
Kiran Pala
4. Creating Data Warehouse For Natural Language Processing
Namita Arora, Jaspreet Kaur Sahiwal, Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
5. Comparative Study of Neural Networks for Face Recognition
Er. Harpreet Singh Dalla, Mr. Deepak Aggarwal
6. Frequency Response of Grown Nanowires
Deepak Saini, Sanchit Kumar
7. Image Quantization using HSI based on Bacteria Foraging Optimization..
Dharminder Kumar, Vinay Chopra
8. Book Cover Image Color Reduction A Bacteria Foraging Optimization Approach
Sukhkirandeep Kaur, Ramandeep Singh, Surbhi Gupta
9. Route Handoff in Mobile ad hoc Networks
G. Makila, R. Sudha
10. Bacteria Foraging Based Image Segmentation
Navneet Kaur, Ramandeep Singh, Surbhi Gupta
11. Performance Of Health Care Equipment In Public Sector Hospitals (With reference to Select Hospitals in Hyderabad)
Dr. Ch. Seetha Ram
12. A Comprehensive Review On Different Edge Detection Techniques
Uvika, Sumeet Kaur
13.Superior Security Data Encryption Algorithm (NTRU)
Yashpal Mote, Paritosh Nehete, Shekhar Gaikwad
14. Word Sense Disambiguation using WordNet Relations and Parallel Corpora
S. G. Kolte, S. G. Bhirud
15. A Novel Technique for Data Embedding Using Visual Saliency Map
Manish Mahajan, Navdeep Kaur, Shashi Bhushan
16. A Review of Literature on Word Sense Disambiguation
Rakesh Kumar, Vishal Goyal,Ravinder Khanna
17. Machine Translation: Concepts and Techniques
Harjeet Singh