Research Cell: An International Journal Of Engineering Science, Volume 5
December 2011

Title Page
Table of Contents
1. Integrated Security Solution for Moving Object Tracking System
Anand Nayyar
2. Query Unnesting in Object Oriented Database
Bharti Joshi, Rostom D Morena
3. Content Based Image Retrieval: Tools and Techniques
Ishpreet Singh Virk, Raman Maini
4. Defense Strategy for the Detection of Black Hole Attack in DSR
Raja Karpaga Brinda.R, Chandrasekar.P
5. A Framework for Behavioural Business Intelligences Based on Personality Driven Online Buying
Archana Shrivastava, Dr. Ujwal Lanjewar
6. Automatic Recognition of Conjunct Verbs & Translation of Interrogative Sentences from Hindi to English
Saurabh Kacker, Vandana Choudhary, Monika Bazard,Deepika Gupta
7. Comprehensive Review of DataPrefetching Mechanisms
Sneha Chhabra, Raman Maini
8. Enhancing Teaching & Learning with Web Tools
Rajiv, Manohar Lal, Meenakshi Sridhar
9. Security Performance Issues on ASRP in MANETS
Dr.Balakrishna R, Rajesh K.S.
10. Implementation Of Intelligent Decision Support System In India- A Study (With Reference To Railway Empty Wagon Distribution)
Dr. Ch.Seetha Ram
11. FPGA Based Design and Implementation of Spectral Envelope Preprocessor
Prof K.D.Salunkhe, Prof. P C. Bhaskar, Prof V.V.Patil, Prof A.P.Patil
12. Implementation of Quadratic Rotation decomposition Based Recursive Least Squares Algorithm
Manpreet Singh, Sandeep Singh Gill
13.Naive Bayes Classifiers Programmed in Query language
Y.V. Siddartha Reddy, Dr.Supreethi K.P
14. Performance Analysis of ZHLS-GF Routing Protocol for MANETs through simulations
Arpit Bansal, Navjot Kaur, Sunil Khullar, Dr.R.P.S. Bedi
15. Design of Multi Lingual, Voice Signal Frequency Based Robotic HandControl System
Kartik Sharma, Gianetan Singh Sekhon
16. Performance Evaluation Of Various Routing Protocols In Manet
Jaya Jacob, V.Seethalakshmi
17. Improving Existing Punjabi Morphological Analyzer
Gagan Bansal, Satinder Pal Ahuja, Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
18. Detection of Edges Using Mathematical Morphology for X-Ray Images
Reecha Sharma, Beant Kaur
19. Survey of Various Techniques for WebUsage Minning
Navjot Kaur, Himanshu Aggarwal
20. Human Eye Deceiving Model for secret communication
Manish Mahajan, Navdeep Kaur, Shashi Bhushan
21. Plagiarism Detection in Regional Languages – Its challenges in context to Punjabi documents
Rajeev Puri, R.P.S. Bedi, Vishal Goyal
22. Role of ICT applications in Rural India