Recent Trends in Information Techonolgy and its Application in Industry (RTITAI'11)

Table of Contents

1.Assessment of Image Classifications Using Compressed Multispectral Satellite Data (MSD)
Shwetank, Karamjit Bhatia and Kamal Jai
2.Performance Analysis of 32 X 2.5 Gb/s DWDM Metropolitan Area Network using SMF-28 and MetroCor Optical Fibres
Atul Mahajan, Anu Sheetal, Jaswinder Singh
3.Crack Detection in Machine-Structure by Evolutionary Algorithm
Dr.L.B. Bhuyar and S.V. Kshirsaga
4.Performance Analysis Of Symmetric Key Cryptography Algorithms: Des, Aes And Blowfish
Nagesh Kumar, Jawahar Thakur, Arvind Kalia
5.Fuzzy Logic in Critical Section of Operating System
Hossein Kardan Moghaddam, Amir Rajaei
6.Comparitive Study Of Dimension Reduction Techniques For Mood Detection
Rajneesh Singla and Simpel Jindal
7.Image Steganography Using Mixed Channel Replacement
Tejinderpal Singh and Simpel Jindal
8.Pervasive Computing: Study for Homes
Dhanshri Parihar and A.J. Singh
9. Digital Preservation Using Open Source Xena Software
Richa Sharma, A.J. Singh
10.A Novel Approach For Pattern Recognization Using Neuralnetwork Of Hand Biometrics
Amit Taneja and Simpel Jindal
11.Comparative Study Of Technologies Related To Component-Based Applications Based On Their Response Time Performance
Richa Balauria, Arvind Kalia
12.A Case of ICT in Agriculture and Rural Development in J&K
Sanjay Jamwal, Devanand Padha
13.Empirical Investigation Of The Effect Of The Lines Of Code On Function Point In Embedded Software
Shalley Sharma, Arvind Kalia
14.Wavelet Features Extraction for Medical Image Classification
Amir Rajaei, Lalitha Rangarajan
15.Design and Properties of Transaction Processing System for Web Applications in the Cloud Computing
Liladhar R. Rewatkar , Ujwal A. Lanjewar
16.Performance Analysis of 2.5Gb/s Bidirectional WDM/TDM-PON with Narrowband AWG for Varying Extinction Ratio using ANFIS
Anu Sheetal and Harjit Singh
17.Handover In Universal Mobile Technology System
Nayan Mahajan, Jawahar Thakur, Arvind Kalia
18.AADHAAR- A Unique Identification Number: Opportunities and Challenges Ahead
Vikas Sharma
19.Empirical Validation Of Quality For Oss Using Ck Metric Suite
Aman Kumar Sharma, Anita Ganpati, Tanuja Gupta
20.Penetration of e-governance in j&k: a case study of national informatics centre, awaaz-e-awam and Online employment exchange
Dr. Shubhnandan S Jamwal, Rohit Gupta and Nidhi Sambyal
21.Detecting SQL Injection Attacks Using Syntax Analysis of Dynamically Generated Queries
Supriya Gupta, Dr Lalitsen Sharma
22.FC-QIA: Fingerprint-Classification based Quick Identification Algorithm
Ajay Jangra, Vedpal Singh, Priyanka
23.Data Shield Algorithm (DSA) for Security against Phishing Attacks
Ram Avtar, Bhumica Verma and Ajay Jangra
24.Computational Consciousness
Mr. Chinmayananda Padhy, Prof.(Dr.) P. Pal Choudhury, Prof.(Dr.) H.N. Pratihari, Ms. R.R.Panda
25.Comparison and Implementation of Audio based Searching for Indian Classical Music
Akshat Arora, Nikhil Panwar, Pankaj Sikka
26.Application of Web Mining in Medical and Health Care: A Survey
J.S.Raikwal, Dr. Kanak Saxena
27.Iris Recognition: The Safest Biometrics
Sachin Gupta, Dr. Chander Kant
28.Security issues for Cloud Computing
Vikas Goyal, Dr. Chander Kant
29.Dual Finite Automata to Scan Regular Languages
Pooja Sharma, Deepinder Kaur, Rajwinder Kaur
30.Intelligent Fuzzy-PID Hybrid Control for Temperature of NH3 in Atomization Furnace
Er. Rakesh Kumar, Er. H.S Dhaliwal, Er. Ram Singh
31.An innovative Approach of Tabu Search in Prediction of Pod Yield of Mustard Plant
Satyendra Nath Mandal, Arghya Ghosh, Subhojit Roy, J.Pal Choudhury and S.R. Bhadra Chaudhuri
32.An Efficient Approach to Solve Sudoku Problem by Harmony Search Algorithm
Satyendra Nath Mandal, Soumi Sadhu
33.Can Managing Knowledge and Experience Improve Software Process? - Insights from the literature
Neeraj Sharma, Kawaljeet Singh, D.P. Goyal
34.An Innovative Way of Data Security: Steganography
Sunil Khullar, Amanpal Singh Rayat, Inderjit Singh, Amandeep Kumar
35.Cyber Staking: Crime and Challenge at the Cyberspace
Anju Thapa, Dr. Raj Kumar
36.On Intuitionistic Fuzzy order of an Element of a Group
P.K. Sharma
37.Feature Based Method For Human Facial Emotion Detection using Optical Flow Based Analysis
Gurpreet Singh, Baljit Singh
38.Analysis of Different Techniques for Segmentation of Connected Handwritten Indian Scripts Words
Dharam Veer Sharma, Supreet Kaur
39.A Study Of Workload Characterization In Web Benchmarking Tools For Web Server Clusters
Syed Mutahar Aaqib, Lalitsen Sharma
40.Various Techniques of Regression Testing
Sandeep Kaur, Rajandeep Kaur
41.Impact of Pipe and Filter Style on Medical Process Re-engineering
Umesh Banodha, Kanak Saxena
42.Comparative Study Over Classical Apriori and DSIM Methods
Vijay Kumar Verma, Dr. Kanak Saxena
43. Design and comparison of butterworth and chebyshev type-1 low pass filter using Matlab
Tushar Malica, Singdha Shekhar, Zakir Ali
44.Data Mining Predictive Technique: CART
Ms. Sarmishtha Das, Prof.G.P.Saradhi Varma, Mr. G. Ramesh Naidu, Mr. A.V.D.N. Murthy
45. A questionnaire on survey of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Engineering Institutes
Er. Pardeep Mittal, Er.Tarandeep Singh
46.Throughput Analysis of Ethernet and Fiber Distributed Data Interface using OPNET IT Guru Academic Edition 9.1
Amarvir Singh
47. An Analysis of Difficulties in Punjabi Language Automation due to Non-standardization of Fonts
Dharam Veer Sharma
48.Distributed Cycle Minimization Protocol (DCPM) for Peer-to-Peer Networks
K Srinivas, Dr. Gunamani Jena, A Satyamallesh
49.Online Shopping Behaviour of Consumers in Jammu Region
Dr. Shubnandan S Jamwal, Vinay Kumar, Sunil Bhardwaj, Rohit Bhagat
50.Analysis of Missing Value Estimation Algoithms for Data Farming
Mohd. Shahnawaz and Kanak Saxena
51.Unified Approach for Structural Coherence in Data Layer of E-Government Services
Amar Jeet Singh, Rajesh Chauhan, Balvir Thakur
52.Comprehensive Framework for quality Database Applications
A.J.Singh, Balvir Singh Thakur, Rajesh Chauhan, Vikas Sharma
53.Effective Implementation of E-Governance in Technical Institutions in India using ICT to Make them World Class
Jatinder Garg, Sonu Bala Garg and Navdeep Choudhary
54. Reusability in Software Effort Estimation model based on Artificial Neural Network for Predicting Effort in Software Development
Jyoti Mahajan, Devanand
55. Evaluation of Fault Proneness of Modules in Open Source Software Systems Using k-NN Clustering
Er. Harish Kundra, Er. Anamika Sharma, Dr. R.P.S.Bedi